A real estate licensee is vital to the home buying process and can provide a
variety of services in locating property, negotiating the sale and advising the
buyer.  A real estate agent is generally not qualified to discover defects or
evaluate the physical condition of property; however, a real estate agent can
assist a buyer in finding qualified inspectors and provide the buyer with
documents and other resources containing vital information about a prospective
new home.
The Oregon Property Buyer Advisory is designed to assist home buyers in meeting their obligation to satisfy themselves as to the condition and desirability of property they are interested in purchasing.  Common issues in real property transactions that home
buyers often decide to investigate or verify are summarized in this Advisory. 

In addition to investigating or verifying these common issues, the buyer should be sure to notify their agent about any special concerns or issues they may have regarding the condition of the property or surrounding area. 
OBTAINING A PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING A BUYER CAN DO FOR THEIR PROTECTION.  A professional home inspection report will provide the buyer with detailed information about the home’s physical condition, its systems
and fixtures and usually note any potential future problems.  The buyer should
carefully review an inspector’s proposal to determine the scope of the
inspection.  Some home inspectors may not inspect heating and cooling systems,
the roof or other systems or components.  A home inspection should be done by a
home inspector or contractor licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors
Board (CCB).  To inspect two or more components (i.e., roof, siding,
structural), the home inspector must be certified and either be a licensed
construction contractor or work for a licensed construction company.